Thursday, March 29, 2018

First Listen :: Pleasure Model & The Cyclist on 100% Silk

100% Silk celebrates the beginning of Spring with two new releases from two bright UK producers. Both being dropped on April 6th, we got a little tease for the heads from each release.

First up, hailing from Birmingham, UK; The Cyclist follows his premiere track featured on the Silk To Dry The Tears compilation last month, with a four track EP entitled, Alabaster Thrones. Formulating the "tape-throb" listening experience, The Cyclist consistently delivers those succulent lo-fi frequencies in each number of this record. Specifically the second track, 'Ivory', conjuring acid belched basslines with wavy ebm induced vocals and swifting synth melodies. It's safely one of Morrison's most promising compositions to date. The limited 12" also comes with a bonus tape, Beat At The Heart Of The City - you can listen to a track from it here. Take a listen to 'Ivory' below...

Alabaster Thrones is out on digital, limited 12" (+bonus tape) on April 6 via bandcamp.

Tracklist ::
1. Alabaster Thrones
2. Ivory
3. Aladdin Insane
4. Autochrome

Lastly - all the way from Bristol, UK - Pleasure Model follows his stellar album from last year, Kendo Dynamics on 100% Silk with a new 8-track excursion called, The Executive. Technical cyber-jack for the futurist dancefloor industrialist is a good way to explain this one. Maiovvi toys with hypnotizing synths and rhythmic hardware wirings to create a utopian virtual reality of sorts. 'Body Double' does that and more for the listener by way of its shifting matrix attitude. Check it out...

The Executive is out on digital and limited edition cassette April 6 via bandcamp.

Tracklist ::
1. Labelmouth
2. International Geographic
3. Body Double
4. Belinfurbellt
5. Elaborate Hoax Detector
6. Sound Investment
7. Wires 05:00
8. Alumni Precursor

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