Friday, November 24, 2017

heavy rotation :: One Child Policy - Cultural Transmissions

With an extensive background in classical music, electrical engineering, and sound design - Los Angeles based producer One Child Policy finally unearths his debut release, Cultural Transmissions on Droid Behavior's sister label VRV. Conjuring up a tasteful array of five productions, 1CP channels a unique narrative being a Chinese American, transmitting his experience into a cultural electronic playing field.

Introducing this field is 'Yin || 阴' a mysteriously ominous arpeggio number setting the tone for the story to be told ahead. Leading the listener to a stellar collaboration with Harrison Holt on the track 'Red Coast Base Surveillance' further accentuates the transmittive arpeggio instrumentation in a hypnotic 303 bassline that relentlessly hits the soul with all the right emotions and feels.

'Only Me || 孝' reflects as a call and response regurgitating 'I' and 'Only Me' repeatedly in a mantra manner. Through the echoing vocals and reverberating thought-pondering melodies - this is an easy one to have on loop. Closing out the tape, 'Chase The Dragon' & title track 'Cultural Transmissions' make nods to a hybrid mystical breakbeat UK garage vibe, sifting through the chillest of 4 by 4 rhythmic patterns.

Cultural Transmissions is available now on tape and digital via VRV bandcamp.

Tracklist ::
1. Yin || 阴
2. Red Coast Base Surveillance
3. Only Me || 孝
4. Chase The Dragon
5. Cultural Transmissions

Also :: Check out 1CP's recent hybrid live DJ set recording at The Black Lodge earlier this month!

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