Tuesday, November 28, 2017

DECKast #68 x Solotape

SF's Solotape linked together a raw cassette mix for this issue of the DECKast. When I approached Solotape regarding a mix he was hesitant and explained he needed sometime to curate and muster up some inspiration. After a couple months he sent over this loose almost hour long tape mix that's as innovative as his avant-garde productions. Read what he had to say about it below...

"Each little plastic tape casing carries its own history with it, and being limited to seeking through FF and REW reminds you that the individual tracks are unavoidably linked together in sequence. With this mix I wanted to share some of the tapes I have a history listening to and maintain that feeling of one song coming after another, sometimes smoothly and sometimes abrupt. While some of them I cued up to specific points I had in mind, others I just popped into my Walkman and played from the last random spot I stopped listening to them at. Through this I hoped to simulate the experience of grabbing an old tape and not knowing exactly where you will end up -- beyond the fact that wherever you pick up is where you or someone else left it off before."

Also :: Solotape contributed a heavy tune to Seagrave's newest compilation, Hospital Corners, check out it out below...

Previously :: video :: Solotape - 'Jamie'

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