Tuesday, November 7, 2017

DECKast #67 x Malt

LA based producer/DJ/label co-founder, Malt aka Andrew of Leisure Sports Records mixes in for this issue of the DECKast. With a recent EP called Acidict on LSR as well as throwing monthly parties with JukeBounceWerk at Tokyo Beat called ARTBOX - Malt is constantly creating and curating new sounds for the local and global ears. With the tinge of euphoria, 303 basslines and house induced techno patterns - this mix he crafted up for us bangs incredibly deep. Turn up the speakers for this one. Check it out below and see what he had to say about the mix.

"This mix is comprised of a selection of different songs I have been listening to lately. Theres a lot of different flavors that are blended in, a bit of house, techno and of course Acid. Its always a fun and interesting time to go into tracks not knowing what will work out, but ends up being a tasty result. Hope you enjoy the mix!"

The Capsule’s Price - Bwana
Kobalt - A Sagittariun
Influxxxx - Gnork
Angst - Realitycheck
Circlon - Spatial
Layer Process - Reflec
State Of Matter - Umwelt
Acid Stomp - Robin Ball
It’s A Fine Day - Opus III
Spazzmatik Bass - Proper Villains
Crosstalk - Matt Whitehead
Alien Acid - DJ Haus
From Below - Junq
Compute - TR-666
Hashtag (Radioactive Man Remix) - Carl Finlow
Don’t Leave Me - Fjaak

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