Friday, March 10, 2017

premiere :: Aria Rostami - 'Information Age'

Aria Rostami is set to release his newest album entitled, Reform, on our favorite SoCal label, Zoom Lens, next week. This album is continuation from Rostami's first two albums, "Form" and "Uniform" showcasing new and old recordings from his evolving musical journey. Zoom Lens label was kind enough to let us premiere the music video for the second single, 'Information Age' from the new release.

"The poem reads "When it ends, your life flashes before your eyes, it was different this time, it was 3 minutes from when I was 8. I was at my mother's friend's house, she had made candy out of roses, they tasted bitter. I looked to the sky, it was blue, or white, or grey, or red." It's a quote from a melodrama, over-the-top film noir I made where I played every character. It was the soliloquy from the moment the detective first saw the femme fatale. It's also a real memory I have from my own childhood. I didn't know someone could simply make their own candy and I was surprised that it wasn't as saccharine sweet as the American candy I was used to. Rose is a common ingredient in Persian desserts." - Aria Rostami

'Information Age' pays ode to a former long distance relationship he encountered in life which inspired him to write this particular song. Transforming his room into a childhood-like memory book, Rostami's DIY visual pairs effortlessly with his sweet like roses nostalgia and shifting frame personalities. The light and melancholic composition gives entry into the past, present, and future and has a gradual entrancing tone through it's duration. Beautiful in every way and very telling of Aria's 'Information Age' story. The rest of the album is all that and more. Be sure to check out the first single 'Lowered Intentions', released a couple weeks back below...

Reform is out on Zoom Lens March 14th.
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