Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DECKast #64 x P.H.O.R.K.

With releases on Opal Tapes, Orange Milk Records, NNA Tapes, Sacred Phrases, and Time No Place - LA based producer Neal Reinalda aka P.H.O.R.K. (People’s Higher Order of Royal Kinship) has been consistently putting out notable productions left and right. Carrying a unique sound throughout, Neal formulates a wide variety of analog noise and off-kilter dance experimentations that are ever so engaging and revitalizing. He crafted up a gnarly techno leaning mix for this issue of the DECKast. See what he had to say about it and listen below...

"The mix is my version of the 'Freak Easy' sound, a pleasure patina on new shapes for pain. Its sounds for the searchers and lurkers, the pushers and sleepers, the criers and grinders. Its for the people who think another world is possible, you know who you are. Freak USA. Never give up."

PHORK ‘Freak USA’ mix

Tracklist ::
System 2256 - Bryan Sonderman - (unreleased)
Flavor&Sound - Co La - (unreleased)
Sorbet Lexus - Killd By - (unreleased version of ’Nasty Future’ from THRU THA RIP)
New Edition - Jeremy Hyman - Future Times
Steals - Bruce - Hessle Audio
Castles Olympique - Clouds - Timeslip Roadmender
With Patsy - Tessela - Swimming With Patsy
Love Re-Circulation - PHORK - (unreleased)
Trident - Matrixxman & Echologist - The Black & White EP
Stimulant Dub - Pangaea - New Shapes In The Air
Bell Blocker - Planetary Assault System - The Messenger
In The Clutches - Demo Lick - (unreleased)
untitled (track 4) - Forcefield - Lord Of The Ring Modulator
Stop It - Pylon - Gyrate

Also :: This Friday Oct.28 in LA check out P.H.O.R.K.'s party, FREAK EASY, where special guests JEREMY HYMAN(Future Times), US HARD, DJ OVNI (ex-dangelxxx) & EBB DEEZY will be throwing down some freaked beats...

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