Friday, October 7, 2016

DECKast #63 x Zeadron

Last time we blogged about Zeadron it was about four years ago as a first listen premiere for his stellar track 'ODRAVE'. Since then, the SoCal native has been on a bit of a hiatus of releasing any official material but has been readily experimenting with new sounds and crafting unique productions. With recently living in Japan and now studying in the UK, Zeadron's musical approach has evolved and become a lot more focused. Throughout this mix he has crafted for this issue of the DECKast he navigates through his recent inspirations and some undeniably classic "old skool" rave tracks that directly correlate to some of the unreleased tracks he has melded into the mix.  Read what he had to say about the mix below and listen to it's entirety...

"Zeadron mix (redTruss1) on That's Deck for your fix of slamming hard house, raw acid and techno/house beats, old skool rave and dark grime breaks. This mix also contains three unreleased tracks by myself. Enjoy..."

The Gherkin Jerks - Red Planet
Zomby & Actress - Tropic114
Zeadron (unreleased) - Rikk Blood
X-Marks the Pedwalk - Mirthless Knick Knack
DJ Disciple - 10 Steps To Heaven
Zeadron (unreleased) - Moment
Urban Tribe - orbitals
Universal Indicator - Untitled
Clouds - The Rights of Artificial Life Form Original Mix
Bloody Ice - Firehouse
DJ Work - Bamboozal (George Centeno's Abstracted Remix)
Fun Team DJ's - Party Alarm
Da Tekno Warriors - Da Beat
Zeadron (unreleased) - Pusher-q
General LOK - Elmo Riddim
SATIN STORM - Let's Get Together
Sound Corp - Chicken Killer
Nebula II - Peace Maker

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