Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First Listen :: Isabella - 'Pressing' [Jacktone Records]

Boston based artist Isabella Koen aka Isabella preps her debut full length album, Viscous Positions, on Jacktone Records later this month. Isabella's work primarily up till now have been unreleased experiments on soundcloud along with a few stellar guest mixes and live recordings. This year a large body of that work will finally be materialized not only through this 9-track album but also an upcoming tape releasing late this June on Embalming Lately as well as a split EP with Bergonist on Börft Records later this year. A couple days ago Kansas based 1221 put out her track 'better luck next time' in part of their second various artist compilation via bandcamp.

Her hardware driven acid techno improvisations are refreshing to hear and much needed in this predominately male leading genre. Isabella's bold and fearless productions explore the dark side of bass built techno and jacking 303 modulations. Today we are happy to premiere 'Pressing' off the upcoming album, a sticky almost paralyzing number that sound the sirens to wake up from the dream position and into the active mind state. Shots of energy firing like firecrackers. This one is 'Pressing' for attention and a great teaser of what to expect from the rest of this album. Following the debut Isabella will be doing a three week tour around the states and Canada, find her dates here.

Viscous Positions will be available on cassette/digital June 23rd via Jacktone Records bandcamp.

Tracklist ::
01 Living Accents
02 Schuld
03 Jousta
04 Cloying Traces
05 Cheap Acid Boots

01 Rich Tolerance
02 Untitled
03 Mu/timode
04 Pressing

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