Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist - Wandering Eye

Aria Rostami teams up with fellow SF musician, Daniel Blomquist, for six-piece album entitled, Wandering Eye, on Glacial Movements. Inspired by the exchange of communication through technology and its repetition to decay; the ambient duo craft six ten-minute tracks whose song titles come from a paper published by Saunders et al. titled, "Where is the best site on Earth?" The paper highlights the best places to observe space from the Antarctic Plateau, which is a gateway to observe other worlds. This soundtrack is insanely fitting for those scenic landscapes, that are very telling of time, entropy, and decay - some of the central factors in Rostami and Blomquist's work.

While 'Dome A' and 'Dome B' were recorded live in planetarium dome to no audience, 'Dome C' and 'Dome F' were constructed through back and forth editing between the producers until an articulate track was crafted. A lot of the material on this release has Rostami's elegant piano playing which was created by a simple questionnaire that Rostami made using letters, colors, numbers, major verse minor, and picking between flat, natural and sharp to arrange a composition. From rendering sound recordings through the app Viber to processing field recordings through concentrated looping, the duo fabricates a one of kind ambient album that takes the listener on a journey through space and time, digital and analog, and all of it's withering beauty.

Wandering Eye is available now on Glacial Movements via digital and CD. Stream and purchase on bandcamp...

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