Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Social Service - SS1

L.A. based record label Motion Ward has been making big strides since it's first release last year with Brown Irvin. The imprint recently signed up with Lobster Theremin's international vinyl distributor, Lobster Distribution, which has immensely helped spread word about the debut from Los Angeles producer, Social Service. The five track EP titled, SS1, just came out on limited 12" with an insanely cool custom lithograph insert made by the talented Ingo Geizendanner.

The a-side starts off with 'Chamber' a nine and a half minute opener luring all thoughts and feelings into a turbine of engulfing beats and superlative ambient magic. This seamlessly goes into 'Starlight', an emotionally sealed dubbed out house rocket lifting you to outer-space and beyond. Closing out the a-side, 'Late Feeling' continues Social Service's narrative, by carrying the reoccurring atmospheric phasing throughout previous tracks and pairing it with some turbulent acid instrumentation. The b-side leads with 'Stolen', a wonderfully organized rhythmic cadence, and closes out with 'Hex', a distorted noise-filled hymn.

Stream 'Chamber' and 'Late Feeling' exclusively below via Watch The Hype and Inverted Audio. Preview the entire EP here.

SS1 is available now on 12"/digital through Motion Ward's bandcamp or can be pre-ordered through the following...
Clone: clone.nl/item39268.html
Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/social-service-ss1/604791-01/
Decks : www.decks.de/t/social_service-ss1/c6v-jh
Pacific Beach: www.pbvinyl.com/products/social-service-ss1
Redeye: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/72124-mw002-social-service-ss1
Deejay : http://www.deejay.de/MW002_-_Social_Service_-_Ss1_-_12inch__220231
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