Monday, May 9, 2016

Project Pablo - Priorities

Project Pablo’s recent EP Priorities takes you on a foggy voyage through an array of electrical wonder moods. His EP on Magic Wire largely feels like a continuum of the album I Want To Believe. The celestial sounds of "Evening Call" will have you nostalgic for the future, while “Warm Priorities” will drive you there, blasting past blue, maroon, and crimson cosmic mist. The tracks on the release are ones that keeps you grounded in a dream-like state. It also has a touch of emotional complexity, which is an effect that lingers throughout “About to Leave”. If his last album I Want To Believe was just the beginning, Priorities is a promise there’s more to come.

The 12" is currently sold out but a repress is coming June 1st. Get the digital in the meantime via bandcamp.

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