Thursday, May 19, 2016

First Listen :: Jupiter Jax - 'Attractor Dreamin'

Rudi Agius aka Jupiter Jax answered some questions and made a mix for us last year upon his stellar LP on 100% Silk entitled, Visions. Since then his sound has spread like a wildfire and has been moving up in the charts. With releases on Nous, Opal Tapes, and an upcoming on Deeptrax Records next month, Agius has been consistent with his production and relentlessly hustling to get his pleasing electronic creations out to a wider audience.

His upcoming EP, Never Again, on Neo Violence has five tracks exploring lo-fi dreamy house with deep melodic tones and textures in low-slung time signatures. Making Waves Underground recently premiered the star track, 'Just How U Do', off the EP - check out the hazy mind-bending music video for it below. The closing track on the EP, 'Attractor Dreamin' follows this fantasy induced aesthetic leading listeners in with it's cascading chords and stretched out melancholy whines and howls. Definitely attracting all those deep emotions into therapeutic dreaming. It's a lovely EP through and through.

Stream 'Attractor Dreamin' exclusively below as apart of our First Listen series. Listen to previews of the entire EP here. Jupiter Jax Never Again EP is out May 22nd exclusively on digital via Neo Violence's bandcamp.

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