Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Awalom Gebremariam - 'Aadu'

Awesome Tapes From Africa is at it again with the rare otherworldly cuts. This time around from Eritrean vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Awalom Gebremariam. Awalom finished his first and only recording in 2007, right before he left his hometown Asmara, which is the capital of Eritrea, to come to America. He has had a long journey to the States trying to escape the economic and political turmoil that shrouded his home. Awalom's music sounds ever so joyous and loving, almost like celebratory hymns.

He his now living in North Carolina, working in a restaurant and plans to expose his deep rooted classical Eritrean sound across North America. Thanks to Awesome Tapes From Africa that plan is coming to fruition and the East African musician will have his tape, Desdes, reissued on CD / Digital / Vinyl via ATFA April 15th. Pre-order it here. Stream 'Aadu' off the album below...

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