Thursday, March 17, 2016

Daniel Klauser - S.D.W.F.

Recent DECKast contributor, Daniel Klauser, just released his album Slow Dance With Friends on Diamante Records. This release has been long awaited from the Santiago Chilean, who has been producing music and throwing parties for several years now. His new album explores a variety of rhythms and melodies that showcase his versatility and dreamy induced productions. From the heavy hip-hop grain in 'Wrong Direction', 'Chopped Drama', and 'Zodiac Interlude' to the lo-fi moody house arrangements in 'Take Away The Pain', 'Dance To This', 'Strugles', and 'Sentir' - there is a gripping haze that circulates throughout this album. Cuts for the dancefloor and bangers for the bedroom. Grab S.D.W.F. now on digital and listen below...

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