Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Aria Rostami - Agnys

Spring Theory alum, Aria Rostami is back with a new LP emotionally charged by the loss of his former production partner/roommate/friend Shawn Dickerson and the hyper-connectedness of today's tech savvy society. Without a rhyme or reason, it is true that this SF based producer has had these ideas conveyed in his previous record on Audiobulb entitled, Sibbe. While that release was filled with drowning noise and contemplative aggression - Agnys, carries a more light hearted uplifting aesthetic.

Channeling ambient tones and textures in a techno syncopation and transcending the pair into a pure fluid state of being. Rostami crafts 6 tracks in a dreamy haze pushing a sonic nostalgic experience. From the upbeat poppy A-sides to the deep minimalistic B-sides, Aria showcases his upmost versatility and undeniable musicality throughout this one. Listen and purchase, Agnys now through Spring Theory's bandcamp...

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