Thursday, January 28, 2016

premiere :: Nackt - 'Black Widow'

Outpost SF co-founder and Oakland resident, Nackt aka Johnny Igaz released his supersonic 7-track cassette, Virex, on 100% Silk last year. Fabricated with all live hardware electronics it's hard not to be moved by Nackt's acid syncopated grooves and gripping modulations. With featured SF house heads, CM-4 (co-founder Outpost), Michael Claus (Outpost), Jason Key (Rotation), and Doc Sleep (Jacktone); the release does not shy away to hypnotize and take the listener on an intricate digital daydream. We were lucky enough to get in touch with Nackt to premiere his music video for, 'Black Widow', which is one of two solo tracks on the cassette.

Drenched in color and glory, Mr. Igaz collaborates with Hunter Leight to visualize the track using an LZX Industries video synthesizer, which embodies it's psychedelic induced oscillations in swaying harmony. Pulsating colors and converging lines coinciding with vintage b&w films of vast oceans, waterfalls, and cannons. Let this video take you deep into Nackt's 'Black Widow' journey...

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