Thursday, January 28, 2016

DECKast #61 x Daniel Klauser

Hailing from Santiago Chile, Daniel Klauser, has been readily contributing to the cities growing underground electronic scene. From running his own record label (Diamante Records) to producing music and throwing underground parties in Chile, Klauser along with his friends have carved out a niche community in Santiago that shares a common passion for unique electronic sounds, extracting them from Santiago's commercial club culture. They stick true to what they know and what they are inspired by, creating an organic flow of promising music and dance gatherings. I was lucky enough to ask some questions to Daniel in light of his hour long mix he crafted for us.

We talked about his recent work on Neo Violence, throwing underground parties/festivals in Santiago, and what 2016 has in store for Diamante Records. Humble and real with his words, Daniel made us a mix that embodies his good-spirit. Listen and download it in all of it's greatness below...

Conforce - Machine Conspiracy
Roman Flugel - In Your Wardrobe
Dj Jus Ed - Confussed Passion
Big Strick - Stickin and Movin
Tobias Freund - Bayside
Funkineven and Jay Daniel - Abyss
Dj Jus Ed - Drum Groove
Marquis Hawkes - Sweet
Moodymann - Mahogany Brown
Daniel Klauser - Happy End
Moomin - Stotheh
Nicuri - Thoughts Of You

Click 'Read More' for my Q&A with Daniel Klauser...

Tell me about your musical background/influences.
I come from a hip-hop, funk, ska, reggae scene in Santiago. Throughout my childhood I dedicated my time digging for records and learning instruments like saxophone and guitar, electronic music came to me at the drum and bass parties around the city.

In your new EP on Neo Violence, the British dialogue throughout ‘Always I’m Back Here’, where / what does it come from? What were your inspirations behind this release?
I listened that sample in the Traumprinz track (I gave my life) I believe in samples like weapons in the dance music, you can use it in a lot of tracks making differents feelings… Always I’m Back Here had a idea of making psychedelic music for the dancefloor; filtered pads, weird steps in the drum machine, dissonant melodies and leftfield voice samples like in “Tuya”...

So, with the exception of making music, you run a label as well...How did Diamante Records start?
Started in 2012 with the idea of promote new producers from Santiago, the chilean scene was divided by people who pay a lot for a night in a club and other people who don’t have so much money, we are in the second way making gigs in weird - illegal places but with an audience really excited for new music, today we are a kind of b-side for dance, sharing with nice local Djs and producers like Pablo R Ruiz, Imaabs, Johano, 49 hrtz, Matias Rivera, E.S.S.D, Kamila Govorcin, TFried and Nabucodonosor.

How has Chile’s underground electronic scene grown since you first started making music and throwing parties?
Santiago in the 90’s was a nice city for listen electronic music, because in that time Ricardo Villalobos and people related to his work was making gigs and releasing music, making something really fresh in South America, in the 2000’s electronic scene change to a different vibe, like expensive clubs and festivals with VIP and champagne, the music is not important in these kind of parties and a lot of good artists go to Europe to live so the scene looses the most important pioneers… Today we are changing that idea of electronic music related to the high class, in many parts of South America is like this and we have the driving motivation for making real music for real people.

What are the label’s plans for the new year?
This 2016 we wanna keep sharing our sound in Santiago making freaky gigs, in the forthcoming releases we have a Nabucodonosor EP, TFried EP and an album from myself to be released this month on our record label.

Can you talk a little bit about your forthcoming album on Diamante, “Slow Dance with Friends”?
Yeah, it’s going to be released in the final days of January. Its an album with 8 tracks produced last year following the idea to make beats for listening in the club or in your house dancing slow with friends, after the club… hahahaha

What are you currently working with to make music?
I work with the MPC 2000xl, some synths and the Ableton Live for edits and use pluggins

"...we have the driving motivation for making real music for real people."

What are some of your favorite records right now?
Rosas Nievas "Every Inch Of You"
Lawrence “Manhattan”
ClekClekBoom “Various Cuts 1”
Dj Jus Ed vs Fred P “Real House Music...”
Jay Daniel “School Dance”

What are you excited for most in 2016?
I’m excited for make better stuffs this year with my crew in Santiago, we make a cool festival in March called Bosque Libre, a rave out of Santiago in the andean mountains, our idea is bring to Chile artists related to our way of sound, in other side I work with Club Mamba a new space for House and Techno in Santiago, bringing artists not only from Europe, also big names from South America like the argentineans Diego Perrison aka Banfield Audio, Ngly, and we continue making good stuffs, I keep sharing new music in my blog for Joia Magazine an important Design Print in Chile, also we collab with a good record store in Santiago called Needle Vinilos bringing to Chile a fresh catalog of electronic music in the level of any catalog around europe…

Tell us a little bit about the mix you made us…
The mix contains alot of my influences also it’s the sound what we share in Santiago like House, Techno, Lo-Fi and original music from myself to be released on S.L.D.W.F album.


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