Friday, December 18, 2015

heavy rotation :: Daniel Klauser - Always I'm Back Here

Prague based label Neo Violence preps for their fifth release showcasing Santiago, Chilean Daniel Klauser, who runs the slick imprint Diamante Records. The new EP comes with three originals and three remixes of the title track 'Always I'm Back Here'. Shedding a lo-fi house type of vibe, Klauser effortlessly puts together a moody and compelling trio of tracks that are immediately hypnotizing.

Nabucodonosor, Realitycheck, and Tekstrue remix the lovely title track into three solid reworks making the original a never-ending pleasure to listen to. House-techno rhythmic patterns and ambient acid haziness throughout. It;s spot on. Be sure to listen and purchase the whole release this Sunday Dec. 20th on Neo Violence's bandcamp page. Also check out the very fitting nostalgic VHS rave video for, 'Always I'm Back Here', directed by Moskalus.

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