Saturday, October 3, 2015

stream :: Newbody - Telephone

Favorite L.A. duo, Newbody has a new EP out called Telephone, through their very own imprint, Newbody Records. This 3-track release is probably their most vocal and soulful yet! With Jonathan Roshad on the instrumental and Roberto Ramone on the lyrics, this dynamic pair is continually taking new stabs at a hybrid of sounds that fabricate their dubby, funky signature garage vibe. Definitely one of a kind coming out of Los Angeles at the moment.

The title track, 'Telephone' will definitely have you feeling some type of way. Intricately organized aquatic garage rhythms and soulful R&B scats, this cut is all hype and more in the best possible way. Both 'Why' and 'D.G.A.D.' take a more moody approach but still hold true to duo's slick basslines and two-step house feels. Purchase the EP via Traxsource and listen below...

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