Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Earth House Hold vs bvdub

San Francisco based prolific electronic producer, bvdub better known as Brock Van Wey took to his soundcloud yesterday to offer up two free tracks, at alluring 13 minute lengths. Available on both FLAC and MP3, Brock stresses how these two tracks, 'Withering' and 'Wishing' have both helped him in difficult times and helped him remember of the good ones. He infuses his more upbeat alias Earth House Hold with his deep rooted persona that started it all as bvdub. Both tracks are serene and thoughtful creating emotional feels throughout the mind, body, and soul in the most positive light. Download the two brilliant cuts here. Here's what Brock had to say about it all when he announced on his Facebook yesterday...

"here you go :) my sincerest wishes you all love these two tracks as much as i do. i don't think they could encompass any better all the things they were, and are, supposed to. since i made them at that time, i still listen to them nearly every day... they have rescued me... and helped me remember.

if they can do nothing else but be a part of your day, i'm happy :)

both are up in MP3 and FLAC, fully downloadable. sorry i'm not adept enough at Soundcloud to know how to put them in albums.

thanks to all for waiting so long, and keeping the faith! :)
*edit, Soundcloud just sent me an email and said they are going to disable the download feature unless i pay to upgrade to Soundcloud pro (or whatever it is). if you are unable to download it, you can do so directly here:

it is only the MP3 version, though. i will work on finding a spot for the FLAC one (it takes up a lot more bandwidth, so people are going to be less enthusiastic about hosting it;)

sorry about all that, and thanks for your understanding."

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