Friday, August 28, 2015

Cherushii - Memory of Water

San Francisco based Chelsea Faith aka Cherushii is no stranger to the 100% Silk pool nor the off-kilter electronic scene. Working as a live PA, producer, and remixer for 10 years the retro-future hardware musician releases her second body of work on 100% Silk this year. Following her 12", Far Away So Close, and a slew of free EPs on her bandcamp - Cherushii dropped a 8-track cassette called, Memory of Water, earlier this month.

Delving deeper into her electronic compositions, Chelsea tells a story through her super-synth soundscapes experimenting different heady engagements that are not all so dance-ready. The intricacy of each track expounds to something more than just a dancefloor cut - the lightspeed BPM like in Program 1's 'Ultraviolet Nights', take you on a journey through lush whirling acidic syncopations and super-sonic opera arpeggios.

Track's like, 'Thin Line' on the other hand featuring fellow label mate Maria Minerva follow a more regimented disco dive, sifting through dreamy drums and bobbing basslines supporting Maria's hypnotic vocals and memorable lyric content,“trembling on a tightrope caught between sweet seduction and mass destruction.” Its a real nice one. So is this whole tape. Buy it now on FLAC/MP3/MC via MidHeaven.

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