Wednesday, July 15, 2015

first listen :: Earthly - Dr. Mix

Ex-university mates, Edaan Brook and Brint Hansen of North Carolina makeup the music experiment going by way of, Earthly. The duo have been at it making music for sometime now but are finally set for their debut release on Birmingham, Alabama imprint Noumenal Loom. The new album Days, is due July 24th on limited edition 12" and digital download; you can pre-order order it today via Bandcamp.

Their sound channels an old school Animal Collective vibe that holds glimmers of sedative pop ambiance very reminiscent of James Ferraro and Max Tundra. Although the duo has a different approach in aesthetic, Earthly binds together a level eccentricity and feel-goodness that makes their sounds an enjoyable and unique listening experience. From intricately abstract sound collages to esoteric beat sample fragmentations, the new album pushes the envelope and challenges listeners to be curious of the duo's incredibly ethereal machine-driven compositions.

With their album dropping next week, the good dudes of Earthly decided to give us a first listen into a stellar mix they recently made. Containing several unreleased originals and a few uplifting classics the 'Dr. Mix' clocks in at a little over an hour. If you have the time, take a deep breath and a deep listen...

Tracklist ::
Earthly - ???
Earthly - RGB (Dub)
Social Material - Class (Mule Edit)
Earthly - ???
Ennio Morricone - Ricordo del Padre
Earthly - ???
Secret Boyfriend - About to Burst (Demo)
Earthly - King Dubby Digital
Carl Craig - Televised Green Smoke
Earthly - Hot Damn (Ruby Edit)
Earthly - Walk the Dog (Mook Edit)
Fischerle - Itch
Azymuth - What Price Samba
Earthly - RGB (Eric Copeland's Remix)
Dwight Sykes - That's The Way Love Is
Earthly - ???
Basic Channel - Radiance III
Bonglestar - Ever Perfect
Alan Shearer - Only For One Girl

Also :: Stream three cuts off Days, and a remix from Black Dice's Eric Copeland which is featured on the bonus remix album that comes with the digital download...

Video :: New music video released today for 'Ice Cream' animated by Andrew Coleman. Check out this colorful trippy cartoon dream...

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