Sunday, June 21, 2015

download :: Avalon Emerson's Cybernedits Vol.3

After a long hiatus, Avalon Emerson has crafted up a brand new volume of signature Cybernedits with some help from Bil Todd aka AnA. Revisiting 70s-80s disco classics from Ann Joy and Sylvester; resurrecting an italo-disco banger from Tom Cat and reviving the incredible original from Bjork's former Icelandic alt-rock group, The Sugarcubes - Emerson and AnA really hit the nail on the head with these ones. From AnA's ineffable tomb remote edit to Avalon Emerson's Paranoid Manipulation - the four edits throughout the volume are pleasurable listens through and through. Grab them for free download in AIFF or MP3 format and listen to all snippets over here...

The Sugarcubes - A Leash Called Love (Avalon Emerson's Paranoid Manipulation)

Ann Joy - You Make Me Feel Good ( ANA's Ineffable Tomb Remote Edit)

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