Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mbongwana Star

Thanks to Gilles Peterson Worldwide Premieres, this track from Mbongwana Star recently came up on my radar and has been on repeat since. The newly formed band from Kinshasa, Congo make way for their debut album, From Kinshasa, on UK label World Circuit. The seven-piece band bind together to create an utterly original sound that speaks volumes on its own. Fabricating song structures with Congolese rhythms, cosmic electronic textures, and post-punk instrumentations - the very talented group brings an organic approach to their music, making them very unique and one of a kind.

The band currently has two tracks up for stream from the album and they are equally amazing throughout. Very excited for this one. From Kinshasa will be released later this month while the band makes their debut tour around Europe. Check out the dates via Facebook.

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