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DECKast #58 x Jupiter Jax

Ever since Rudi Agius aka Jupiter Jax released his City Life ’88 EP on 100% Silk I have been a fan of his sound. Re-imagining the past to the future, the  nostalgic Malta based producer recently released his first full length entitled, Visions, on 100% Silk which is available now on LP individually or with exclusive companion cassette Visitors. You can also grab the digital at any of the following: Boomkat, Juno, Midheaven, Clone D\G\T\L & NotNotFun Shop. Preview the entire incredibly uplifting album here...

Thanks to some awesome connections, we got in touch with Jupiter Jax to chat in depth about his current state of mind, the new album, and his inspirations. The super humble guy also made a mix for the DECKast series that is absolutely stellar and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you all. Featuring many tracks off his new album, Jupiter Jax effortlessly takes his forward thinking visions of past dance music genres and transcends them to a future state of euphoric bliss and motivational inspiration. Something about his dreamy synth combinations strum the right chords in the mind, body, and soul - both in this mix and the album.  From Juan Atkins to Actress according to Rudi...

"The mix is pretty much a collection of music that I’ve been into for a while or at the moment."

Tracklist ::
1. Jupiter Jax - Interlude to Visions
2. Jupiter Jax - Sequential [100% SILK]
3. Actress - Raven [Honest Jon's]
4. Juan Atkins - I love you [Tresor]
5. Jupiter Jax - The Deepest [100% SILK]
6. Naka Naka - Lumina [Opal Tapes]
7. Vril - XXXII [Giegling]
8. Quazar - Seven Stars [Go Bang!]
9. UR - The illuminator [Underground Resistance]
10. Jupiter Jax - Till the end of time [100% SILK]
11. Jupiter Jax - Visions (feat.Xosar) [100% SILK]
12. Master C&J feat. Liz Torres ‎ - Face it [State Street]
13. Pearl River Sound - Remember Every Moment [Meda Fury]
14. Salvatore's Visions - Nuoto Sincronizzato [unreleased]
15. HOLOVR - Desert Varnish [Opal Tapes]
16. Jupiter Jax - Visitors [100% SILK]

Click 'Read More' for our Q&A with Jupiter Jax...

First off, Where are you in the world right now?
I’m in my bedroom studio in Malta, just doing my daily morning ritual of having some nice coffee and listening to some soundcloud streams.

What’s currently been on your mind?
I’ve become lazy with making new presets on my synths.

What was your first introduction to electronic music?
I wouldn’t say there was one specific revelation-like introduction. But probably started around when I was 15 years old. Luckily for me it was only a couple of years (or less) later, that I stumbled upon the whole scene going on in Holland with Crème, Bunker, Viewlexx etc. Me and my friends were hooked and started to make some parties with artists from those labels. So I would say anything that used to be played out in those parties was pretty much my first introduction to electronic music, and that was anything from Italo-Disco to crazily distorted acid.

Tell us how you started producing under the name Jupiter Jax...
I think it was a natural progression from learning piano at a young age, then moving on to buying some synths once I discovered electronic music. The money for that pretty much came from all the parties we did. So I guess I was lucky enough to not only get inspiration from those events, but also to get some cash to actually do something with it. Jupiter Jax came about only these last years when I was confident enough with my music that I wanted it out there. To be honest, it was also a point when you realise that you’re still sending your music to your friends, who are clearly not as excited or bothered as they were years ago and have long moved on with their lives. Then you kind of realise that you yourself either need to get out there and do something with it .. or move on ☺. Eventually, I had sent out some demos to 100% Silk, and from those demos, “City Life ‘88” was my debut release.

Let’s talk about your new album. Since your previous “City Life ‘88” on 100% Silk, how was the approach to “Visions” different?
I think “Visions” shares similar motivations to “City Life ‘88”, in that they are both inspired from eras were music was made with a less obvious notion of genres to put them into context. In fact, what makes most of the early electronic club music so special (at least to me) is that in one track you could see shades of different genres. You could see how one shade would then develop into rave music, or into trance, or whatever. Obviously, eventually the somewhat distinct genres that we know today, started to develop, and this at the cost of the music within each genre becoming formulated. At which point, music becomes boring. Which is something I always consciously try to avoid. So as with “City Life ‘88”, the misconception with “Visions” is that it is an album that is lost in nostalgia of past sounds and genres of music. But that really misses the point. Rather, it is the whole frame of mind and lack of genre-context in music making of the past that is the real inspiration for “Visions”.

Can you talk about how it was working with Xosar, Merwyn Sanders, and Mykle Anthony on this record? How did you go about selecting them particularly?
Stephen Breaux (Sir Stephen), who also released on 100% Silk hooked me up with Merwyn. The whole ‘Virgo Four/Jungle Wonz/N.A.D’ vibe is timeless in my ears, so to have Merwyn from Virgo Four working on some vocals on ‘The Light’ was amazing. To make it more so, he is an extremely sweet and humble person which made the experience even more fulfilling. Xosar and Mykle Anthony were literally me sending a message over soundcloud asking them if they would be into adding some vocals to some specific tracks I had in mind. Xosar does these beautifully haunting and atmospheric vocals, which I thought would fit perfect for ‘visions’, whereas Mykle Anthony has this thick soulful classic voice which contrasted perfectly with the ethereal vibe ‘End of Time’.

What’s your biggest inspiration in making the music you do?
If I had to name one person, without a doubt that would be Legowelt. The worlds of timeless music he has created are untouched in my opinion. Plus, I admire him for standing the test of time by keeping his own sound.

"In fact, what makes most of the early electronic club music so special (at least to me) is that in one track you could see shades of different genres."

Do you have any upcoming show dates?
Should be playing at a gig alongside Delta Funktionen. It’s so cool to finally hear him play here in Malta.

Give us a little run down of the track selection in this mix you have made for That’s Deck.
The mix is pretty much a collection of music that I’ve been into for a while or at the moment.
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