Sunday, March 15, 2015

S.A.M. & Delaphine

Delaphine is a label founded by the very talented and inspiring S.A.M. You may also know him also as NWS, Samuel Andre Madsen, Rev-S, Sapriori and Mandar (w Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie). SAM incorporates field recordings with (but not always) dance-floor and minimal house influences. As a listener, Delaphine represents spiritual guidance, freedom and intimacy. His third release has been taken from a 30 minute ambient recording which was originally released as a podcast for Rayna DeNiords' Modiyfer in 2013. He has released a few tracks for Fathers and Sons Productions, Pluie/Noir and Subwax Bcn. S.A.M is currently living in Paris, working along side Malin Genie and Lazare Hoche rehearsing live sets under Mandar.

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