Saturday, March 7, 2015

DECKast #54 x Kosmik

For this issue of the DECKast we have a very special all vinyl mix from UCSB radio host of Interplanetary.Musik and co-curator of a new night in Los Angeles called, The Black Lodge. Vikas Malhotra aka Kosmik first came on my radar a couple years back when I would tune in almost weekly to Jason aka Force Placement, go back to back with Vikas and hear them explore serene cosmic rhythms and obscure electronic conjunctions on his radio segment.

Since Interplanetary.Musik has been on a hiatus, Vikas has linked up with Hyperion Tavern in Los Angeles for free evening of "esoterik elektronixxx" that will initiate this Saturday March 7th. Check out more event info here. Force Placement will be joining Kosmik on the all vinyl endeavor inviting local talent such as Jonny Mons of Far Away and Davey Jones of Touch Vinyl for this debut night. Its going to be a great one. Listen to Kosmik's almost hour mix of off-kilter hypnotic sweepers and disorienting bangers. Read what he had to say below about it...

"An all vinyl freestyle mix I threw together quickly with the closest records at hand - a bit more on the experimental side, with long mixes, some complicated rhythms, and a lot of acid and jakbeat tracks. Basically went in whatever direction the music took me that day. Sorry for any crackles, pops, or skips - it’s vinyl! BLACK LODGE!"

1. Gerechtigkeits Liga - Volkermord Part 1
2. Mr.Fingers - Waterfall
3. Zagittarius - Going The Funk Off
4. Bass Clef Vs Frak - Bad Trip
5. Zagittarius - Let the music use you:
6. Trixxter - TX Connect
7. Frak – Kom Deluxe
8. Voiski - From Wood To Stone
9. Xosar - Paranormal Detective
10. Tevo Howard - Energia Enlightenment (Traxx Re-Creation)
11. Steve Summers - Make Your Move
12. Orgue Electronique - The Longing

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