Sunday, February 8, 2015

video :: August Landelius - 'Handing Out Stones'

August Landelius is one you may have heard in the past but never known who exactly he was. In collaboration with Adam Stromstedt, August has been known as Alan Delius and with his collaboration with Holger Zilske, he's been known for his work as Yoko Duo. The Swedish producer is not afraid to take on new challenges and different approaches in the music he creates. While under Alan Delius, a solid house techno structure is apparent in his sound, Yoko Duo takes a more laid-back melodic field focusing more on lyrical content while holding an underlying futuristic flare. August Landelius on the other hand coalesces all those sounds on a new path that has seen light on his debut EP, Float, realeased on brand new Malmo, Sweden based Naiv Recordings. The EP is out now, check it out. The EP's single music video above for, 'Handing Out Stones', was made by Johan Jarnstam, Una Boskovic and C-J Szyber.

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