Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mix-O-Rap - I Am The DMR

From the streets of Gaffney, South Carolina DIY hip-hop producer formerly known as MIX-O-RAP resurrects six cuts to curate his debut tape, I Am The DMR, which is available now on cassette tape via Peoples Potential Unlimited. Billy D.Littlejohn-Bey aka MIX-O-RAP aka DJ BLAK is no beginner when it comes to producing tracks; as he has been in the game releasing records on several of his own record labels and DJing house parties in the 80s. In more recent times the underrated talent is putting out tracks on his newly established DJ BLAK RECORDS where you can find a lot of his latest productions.

In the newest release, Billy fuses off-kilter lo-fi ringing hip-house beats and literal lyrical content, MIX-O-RAP creates an authentic atmosphere around his compositions that hypnotize at first listen. Deep tracks like 'Spitting Game' and 'Eyes of A Key' gauge the artist in his most truest emotional state in the tape, complimenting the other four loud frantic rap pieces that come with them. With a truly original sound and thoughtful future, PPU also put out a single sided 12" from MIX-O-RAP called For Thugz, as part of PPU's limited test pressing series at the beginning of the year. Listen below and find downloads from I Am The DMR via soundcloud...

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