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Local Talk vs. Garito - Music Joined Us + Interview w/ Tooli

Stockholm, Sweden based house music label, Local Talk, is one that should need no introduction if you have been keeping up with the resurgence of classic dance music over the past couple of years. Tooli aka Tobias Lidström and Mad Mats aka Mats Karlsson founded Local Talk in 2011 and since then have become a world renowned contributor to House music and its various forms. The two passionate individuals have shown their eclectic taste in music by DJing around the world for many years at some of the top spaces that cater to A-class underground music.

One of those spaces is Mallorca, Spain's best kept secret for 16 years called the Garito Café/Bar/Club. This place has had DJs/producers like, Chez Damier, Gilles Peterson, MCDE, Ian Pooley etc returning year after year to spin some of their favorite sounds. Mad Mats is one that has been invited to play the great venue several times and has created an unfathomable connection with venue owner Nacho Velasco aka Grand Reserva. In celebration of the Café/Bar/Club's sixteen years of existence, Local Talk and Garito Club have embarked on a compilation concept titled, Music Joined Us. The two brands enlisted Gran Reserva himself to mix 14 joints from Local Talk's best releases to date and also do the prestigious task of curating the tracklist.

Tracing elements of jazz, soul, disco, and funk the fourteen tracks that made the cut are ones that are timeless compositions of house music that have come out of Local Talk's unforgettable discography. There's an undeniable vibe and atmosphere around the selected tracks that naturally carry out positivity and excitement successfully giving the listener an idea of how a night at Garito Club would go down. Its quite glorious from Jesse Futerman to HNNY to Fred Everything and all the other talented originals in the mix. You may or may not have heard some of these tracks before but regardless the compilation is a great way to reacquaint and experience the Local Talk back catalogue in a way never heard before.

Music Joined Us was released early November of this past year and is available now on CD & digital. Purchase via Juno and hear snippets of the whole thing via Traxsource below. Also check out some That's Deck favorites from the release right here...

I got to chat with Tooli aka Tobias briefly about Local Talk's vision, Stockholm record stores, Music Joined Us, and some his favorite records at the moment. Hit 'Read More' for the full interview!

First off, when did you and Mad Mats come up with Local Talk and how’d it evolve into harnessing dance-oriented sounds?
Late 2010 we got together and started planning the base structure of the label. After a couple of months of hard work (!?) the first release Bassfort “Moon Shadow / Moon Light” was released, that was in July if my mind serves me right.

The idea has been the same since day one, release house music. We’ve released 54 12”s on Local Talk since then and never looked back - we’ve done it the same way since day one.

Do you feel like Local Talk’s contribution online helped expedite and expose the label’s talent faster than if you guys weren’t on Soundcloud lets say?
Good question – Back when we started I used to think “You can’t afford not to use what’s free” but nowadays, with the way Soundcloud has developed and they way everyone has been using all sorts of social media to get the music out there – it’s different. There’s so many different options and I’m not really sure you need all them all. Soundcloud certainly helped us to get the music out there in the beginning for sure. We managed to reach those that might not go to record stores or search online stores like Juno, Traxsource or go to the club trainspotting what the DJ is playing. But to see someone smile and dance to a track when you’re playing it out in a club still means a lot more than 40.000 plays on soundcloud. At least to me.

Speaking of talent. Local Talk has many great producers coming from the label consistently. Do you usually seek them out or do they find you guys?
We used too seek a lot in the beginning but these days it’s a bit different because we’ve been working with a few artists for more than just one release, like HNNY, Crackazat, Kyodai and Dirtytwo. There’s demos being sent to us too, on a daily basis even though we’re not signing anything – we’ve been blessed with so much good music and the next couple of months are filled with a lot of music ;)

Are there any upcoming releases on Local Talk’s sub labels 1nce Again and OneOffs? Tell me a little bit more about those.
There’s a digital compilation for OneOffs in the works with something exclusive material. I just finished the artwork for it the other day so hopefully it’s not long until it’s out. 1nce Again is a bit special to us and we might do some more releases for it further on but right now the main focus is Local Talk.

(Gran on left / Mat on right)

Let’s talk about “Music Joined Us”, Gran Reserva chose all the tracks on the list? Did you and Mad Mats lend a helping hand?
Nacho aka Gran Reserva picked all the tracks, we only provided the catalogue ;)

Will there be another volume of “Music Joined Us”? Cause its damn good.
Thanks, glad you like it. We talked about this the other day and it seems that a lot of people like it, which is great. We have an idea for a follow-up but I won’t reveal too much yet.

What are the plans for 2015?
Keep on releasing good music. In January we’ve got a 12” from a very talented producer called Corrado Bucci with remixes by Martin Pantino and Turbojazz. We’ve got a new LTX release from a French producer, Merrick that we’re excited about…Crackazat has an album coming in March called “Crescendo”. There’s more Talking House compilations…yeah, lot’s of music in the works. And hopefully we’ll get to bring the label around the world and back. We have some nice gigs lined up and it’s always great to meet all the Local Talk friends out there when playing.

What’s the best record shop to dig at in Stockholm?
Depends on what you’re looking for really, there’s a bunch of second hand stores like Snickars Records and Record Mania you should definitely check out. Both got a lot of nice stuff and the staff is always helpful. For new stuff it’s not that many, Fade is probably the one to check out, if you need your house and techno fix. Anyone interested could send me a message and we’ll go and dig together ;)

What is your favorite record to play out at the moment?
There’s a few so picking just one is very difficult…and I guess I should pick something besides Local Talk.

I’ve been playing a track by Shanti Celeste a lot. It’s called “Porto Seguro”. The bassline and rhythm is just killer, there’s a track by Outboxx called “Sequential circles” I think everyone out there should check out and last but not least the there’s a 12” on Untzz Twelve Inch from HVCK that I think you should check out…and yes, the “Phantoms” 12” from Ben Sun on Voyeurhythm.

Lastly, any plans to come to Los Angeles soon?
Hopefully next year, we’re planning a few Local Talk parties and want to bring a few of our artists with us, hopefully we can do it in Los Angels in 2015!

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