Friday, December 12, 2014

heavy rotation :: Life on Planets - A Public Affair

Fusing rock sensibilities with dance-oriented rhythms; Baltimore indie art-rock duo, Life On Planets, put you in a joyful light with their EP, A Public Affair, released earlier this year on Double Standard Records. Incorporating live instruments and gearing them up in a up-beat soulful funkadelic nature, Life On Planets, manages to make their new record one of my most played in 2014. Not only is the duo bringing back authentic songwriting to dance music, they have uniquely created their own sound and act, making them a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

This duo really has a talent to absorb any bad energy shrouding on the listener's demeanor freeing them with the love and soul embedded in their groove stricken, life pondering tracks. 'Love So Fleeting' starts off the EP on a bright balearic tone with eastern breaks where as the following track, 'Mulberry Bush', settles down and becomes a classic indie tune. The next two tracks on the release follow the same patterns as the first and continue their musical story of, A Public Affair. It's bloody relaxing and pleasing to listen to. Don't underestimate these cats. Their touring act is equipped with live vocals and guitar alongside a DJ/producer. Purchase the 12" here or download the whole thing via CREWLOVE.

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