Friday, November 28, 2014

video :: Moodcut - 'Stuck In Socks'

Berlin based record label Nous Disques recently debuted an awesome EP from Machester producer, Moodcut. The Tame Cats EP, blissfully pays homage to Detroit in its deep crunchy man made machine productions. Its a ripe sound that has been resurfacing around the globe in recent years and Moodcut is one in a bunch that has successfully crafted some memorable fits in the eclectic genre of House. Emotionally deep and groove fitted, the EP's tracks are an absolute delight to the ears and the body.  Be sure to check out the grainy black and white city documentation visual for the lead single, 'Stuck In Socks', above. Purchase the 12" via Rush Hour now. Also check out snippets from the release below...

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