Thursday, November 13, 2014

heavy rotation :: OL - Scape Border EP

One of Moscow's finest producers, OL aka Oleg Buyanov, released his EP, Scape Border, on London based imprint Meda Fury a couple days ago. Meda Fury is a label that is distributed under R&S Records,  where OL successfully debuted his EP.

The EP begins with 'Lum', a bouncy grained out old school house sweeper that can easily be repeated without any annoyance on its horizon. This bleeds into 'Around' (download on XLR8R), a off-kilter R&B production with a funk house flare that releases endorphins in the brain, making it easy to get loose and down to the beat. The next three tracks fearlessly take on a jazz, deep-house, and 90s bass approach formulating them to be absolute bangers for the dance floor. The closing track, 'Melt Down', literally winds down the release to a lower BPM and focuses on a more ambient hip-hop vibe which is a perfect relaxant to the prior more upbeat heavier compositions on the EP.

OL is clearly no stranger to conducting deep off-kilter beats as he continues to embark on new ways of production to elevate is unique cordial sound more than ever. You can purchase the record when in stock again via Phonica Records. In the meantime stream clips of the EP below...

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