Wednesday, August 27, 2014

stream :: Patricia - 'Drip Dawn'

Hardware techno fiend, Patricia, is not a producer you can easily google or garner information on. He is apparently Chicago born and currently living in Brooklyn making lo-fi uplifting dance music following his stunning debut on Opal Tapes last year called, Body Issues.  His upcoming EP, Side Piece, will be released on Spectral Sound, with four body-bumping tracks, including a remix from JTC. The A side with 'Drip Dawn' is a perfect summation of what to expect from the record. Its syncopated thumping basslines and swirling synth stabs take a repetitious toll on the ears and mind to let go and feel the given loop until marinated in it's uncontrollable groove. The rest of the tracks on the EP are equally as exceptional as Patricia successfully re imagines vintage Midwestern techno to new territories and sub-genre types. Its fantastic. Pre-order the 12" via the Ghostly Store.

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