Tuesday, January 14, 2014

video :: Avalon Emerson - 'Quoi' Interactive music video

Avalon Emerson's electrifying "Pressure/Quoi" record is out now on Icee Hot and has been garnering positive support since its sneak peak preview on the label's soundcloud. 'Quoi' was recently re-imagined into an interactive visual form by SF 3D artist, Cabbibo. The highly interactive music video enables the listener (best viewed & and played with on Chrome) to experience, 'Quoi', in a vibrant digitized realm of its own. With the move of a mouse you can explore the movement and rhythm of the instant dancefloor pleaser, Ms.Emerson has conducted, in a space where atoms and molecules clump together to churn the bass louder while consistently structuring engaging visual patterns. It is probably one of the coolest & creative music videos I have ever witnessed. Stream the whole track, 'Quoi' here. Watch it below or interact with the radical video in your browser here.

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