Friday, November 1, 2013

AyGeeTee - staring at the sea, snapping at your heels

A couple of weeks ago, AyGeeTee self-released his newest album, staring at the sea, snapping at your heels. The electronic experimentalist clearly doesn't care to have his music inclusive to all audiences. At first listen there is a bunch of white noise and barely audible melodies, but that's the beauty of what AyGeeTee continuously contributes to the online music realm. staring at the sea, snapping at your heels, cosmically harnesses 7 tracks of industrial half-way techno. Embodied by pumping basslines, loose ethereal synth stabs, formulated abstract alien noises, and underwater toned and textured sounds. Its definitely a release you must listen to all the way through to enjoy and understand thoroughly. Purchase or download the album via bandcamp at a 'name your price' deal....

Video ::
Music video for 'Esoteric Wannabe'. visuals by V I S I O N D R O N E

Also :: Check out the #FREEDJONO compilation featuring 48 tracks from some favorites. FULL FRONTAL, KID A, Daytime Actress, RAP/RAP/RAP, Saint Pepsi, Actress Pets, Teams, Coyote Clean Up, and many more have contributed tracks to this awesome release. Buy it now for $3 via bandcamp...

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