Saturday, October 19, 2013

REKchampa - 'Atonal Shit' + Divine Interface - 'A House Divided'

REKchampa and Divine Interface contribute tracks to newly established Atlanta collective/label, Harsh Riddims. Their debut compilation, Harsh Riddims Vol.1, explores different branches of devotional rhythm based compositions all representing a variety of musical styles. REKchampa's track, 'Atonal Shit' transcends to a leaky sensation of warehouse vibes, that creep until the rhythm makes the listener move anxiously to it's harsh embedded basslines. Divine Interface's, 'A House Divided', takes on a tribal house rhythm that the listener just won't be able to get over. All the other tracks on the compilation are just as good and highly recommended to check out. Stream or purchase the release for $5 over at bandcamp.

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