Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hidden Wax Label

Recently established London based label, Hidden Wax, were kind enough to send me a 12" of their very first pressing showcasing two tracks from three of their very own; Blue Cube, Shay, and Inverchoulin. The label sampler was released in March of this year and has set an outstanding preliminary tone for the type of music this record label will be pushing. Simple, clean, and forward-thinking electronic music that has free range in its creative outlooks for computer based sound interpretations. Its a joy to hear the versatility of sound from Hidden Wax's three membered roster.

The A side starts off with Blue Cube's 'Cycle', which treads lightly in it's infectious sonic melody that conducts its self like an orchestra in the wind. This goes into A2 which is Inverchoulin's, 'Bridge Light', a hip-hop jazz sampler that will get the head bopping and have the clock stop ticking. The 3rd and final track featured on side A is Shay's 'Simulacrum', a deep toned trip-hop track that works the nodes in the brain to spark thought and insight into one's actions or memories. Truly beautiful stuff.

In Side B1 Blue Cube showcases his 2nd track 'Leopard', a rhythmic bell techno excursion following the lines of something, Daphni or Four Tet would create or arrange in their tracks. Very similar sound vibrations. Following this one,  Inverchoulin's 'Timbre' takes on a silky deep-midi tuned raga that is ever so soothing and calming to ears and mind. Lastly the records finishes off with Shay's, 'Haemoglobin', the more off-kilter pop entranced tune of the release, nicely closing out the label's first sampler.

Along with George and Scott's (label founders) newest Hidden Wax establishment, they also will be running their digital label counterpart, Don't Fret, which will solely specialize in digital releases. Keep an eye out for that. The Hidden DJ's of the label have made a mix for Thats Deck's podcast series (DECKast) that will be up in the coming week, so watch out for that as well. In the meantime check out their awesome mixes via mixcloud.

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