Thursday, August 15, 2013

DECKast #45 x Meishi Smile

Zoom Lens founder Garrett Yim aka Meishi Smile is one hell of an underestimated talented music soul. His k-pop and j-pop inspired musical voyages transcend on a path of lucid vaporwave like sensibilities. He carefully put together the 45th issue of our DECKast  series with a mix that apparently "feels very alien" to him, as it will to any listener that lends their ears for the next half-hour. Check out Garrett's mix and interview on  Thats Deck radio show last year, in case you missed it. Read what Mr. Yim had to say about the new mix below and download it now via Take it easy, sit back, relax, and unwind...

"I wanted to create a sense of cold and static that separates you from the notion of listening to individual songs working together as a mix, and instead present this as a body of work that can be interpreted as something different than the sum of its parts. These songs all come from a different place, but when put together they form something foreign. The beauty of reappropriation in any form is that nothing is stagnant in meaning anymore. We are left only with the finished product in front of us, possibly unaware of what its original intentions were or where it may have even come from. Only now can the individual ponder on and create his or her own ideas, thoughts and commentary. Such is the beauty of art, music and the Internet. This mix to me feels very alien."

Tracklist ::
SHIBUYA/DISC- Confession
Kikiyama- Numbers World
i-fls- tamaki (album version)
わたしのココ- ど根性レクイエム
大友良英- Asahi Kasei
禁断の多数決- 午後の冒険者
ユメミルクスリ OST- To the World of Dreams
Choongum- Intergalactic Love Affair
secret imouto- Dream ISLAND girl
K-On! OST- Hold on your love
nono.- nono.
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