Friday, July 26, 2013

DECKast#44 x Koebalt

Long Beach mutual music lover and frequent show goer, Koebalt aka Gerrath McDaniel mixed in for this issue of the DECKast with his deep indebted house mix entitled, Fullerton. You may have seen him in the front of some Boiler Room LA live feeds with a black dude wearing a beanie that says "WHITE POWER". If you have or haven't seen these cats, they have an alternative hip-hop project by the name of The Natives. Both Gerrath and Senay push a super laid-back proper west-coast underground feel; check out their debut, Return of The Native, via bandcamp. When Gerrath isn't doing the hip-hop gig he enjoys spinning the deepest of dance-felt tunes that are without a doubt body-moving. Read what he had to say about his highly relevant, short but sweet mix...

"Here are a few tracks I have been feeling the past few months leading up to this summer and bounce off each other perfectly. All something I can play from dusk till early morning. Generally for my mixes I like to start with simple tracks and get a little more heavy in the middle ending them with something a little more melodic and light. This mix is something to listen to while just hanging out or to get your night going. Fan Mail starts off the mix as a track that slowly constructs itself from the initial double kick to its murky soft pads and female echoed moans. The next tracks Be Without and Mind the Gap I felt mirrored each other quite well. The Chaos boys and Urulu nailed it perfectly as the track grooves along effortlessly; definite late night vibes there, can't get enough of it. Pyrex, from Cromie & Sage Caswell is a real unique track with its percussion which stands out, the phased pads break giving it a big breath. Sage and Cromie have big tracks in the future, watch out for them. I end the mix with Creep by Forrest. Zach's voice (Forrest. himself) seductively rides over the bassline. If you aren't familiar with Forrest. get with it, this is some house music to make love to. Thats about it, I hope everyone enjoys. xx"

Tracklist ::
1. Kris Wadsworth - Fan Mail
2. Squarehead - Be Without
3. Chaos In The CBD & Urulu - Mind The Gap
4. Ejeca - Jump
5. Cromie & Sage Caswell - Pyrex
6. Close ft. Charlene Soraia & Scuba - Beam Me Up (George Fitzgerald Remix)
7. Citizen - So Submissive
8. Forrest. - Creep
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