Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spazzkid - Desire 願う

Los Angeles bred Mark Redito aka Spazzkid, released some of his best work up to date in his most recent album, Desire 願う, that was released in April of this year. If you havent ever heard of this dude's sound, it's really something else. He's been making electroinc type music for sometime now under different projects but Spazzkid is his solo effort. Its easy to makes beats but it always harder to stand out from the rest. Spazzkid succeeds with an 8-track release, putting together an emotional and passionate connection through electronic sound. Deriving some of his influences from Bibio's, Mind Bokeh (2011), Mr.Redito manages to unite his indulgent percussive waves with organic sample-based sounds creating a hybrid electronic/acoustic listening experience. Transporting rhythms and lovely dream-soaked melodies, perfect for that blazing summer sun. Get the whole album at a 'name your price' deal on Spazzkid's bandcamp and listen to the entire release below.

Also :: SPF420 and Saint Pepsi recently rounded up Spazzkid, Meishi Smile, and several other internet cultured artists around the world to create a collective called the New Generation. They just had their first event via tinychat yesterday, featuring amazing live webcam sets from Spazzkid, Meishi Smile, Saint Pepsi, and several others. Lot of great things in store for these guys in the future, keep an eye out. Check out Spazzkid's a/v set from the tinychat event below...

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