Monday, May 27, 2013

Boards of Canada - Tomorrow`s Harvest

As I`m sure everyone is well aware of by now, Boards of Canada`s first album in eight years will be released two weeks from now. Fans of the duo have had to suffer through many a hardship due to their devotion of the band. After a premature announcement on BBC6 last year, a poorly delivered Fact Mag April Fool`s joke last month and a short-lived global.. where in the world is Carmen San Diego? James Bond Jr. chases scum around the world... cryptic campaign of electronic internet intrigue and endless speculation, Warp Records finally confirmed a release date. Allowing die-hard fans to finally release a long held anticipatory breath.

Luckily though the good news doesn`t stop there. Last Wednesday, after another seemingly cryptic video was released via the streets of Tokyo, the BBC premiered their new single 'Reach for the Dead' on Zane Lowe`s radio show. Following soon after with the release of it`s official music video directed by Neil Krug(which turned out to be the video being played in Tokyo). Something little to hold us over til the release.

You can still pre-order the album here

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