Sunday, March 3, 2013

T.E.A.M.S - Sierra City Center (Diamond Club)

This last week musician Teams released a long awaited follow-up to his 2011 releases Dxys Xff and Teams vs. Star Slinger. Minus his Rarities (2008 - 2012), his Teamm Jordann collaboration, various single releases appearing on compilations, or the occasional remix or upload on his bandcamp and soundcloud. It`s been a good while since we`ve seen an absolute album in any form from the musical alias of Sean Bowie. Shying away from any of his non-sample based styling, he creates a mood that carries throughout 'Sierra City Center (Diamond Club)'. Using some of the song titles to help create the atmosphere of the album as a whole. As if experiencing a journey that is being undertaken across a distance felt through sound. Ushering in the imagery in ones` mind of a warm, over-saturated California mountain sunset. Bowie establishes the mood in a couple of songs, such as 'When Jesus Talks To Me' and 'Hatsumi', by incorporating deep-dark, smoky vocals(whether sampled or original seems irrelevant). Much of the elements on this album taking comparison to that of the recent works of 18 Carat Affair and Cities Aviv. "I recorded it in north cali last summer.. while living there" says Bowie.

Creating all tracks in Sierra City and Trinity Center, taking minimal inspiration from the Northern California mountainside scenery. Such as in the case with the track title 'Yuba - Donner Scenic Byway' which according to Bowie was "..a long stretch of road I would drive across...". I have seen the views myself around the area surrounding Donner Pass while on a train trip from Sacramento, heading back east in the spring of '09, and know myself how inspiring they can be.

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