Friday, March 22, 2013

DECKast #42 x 10th Letter

Talented beat producer and hip-hop experimentalist, 10th Letter, has been making cerebral head-bop music for sometime now and he recently released his highly recommended beat-tape entitled, WEAPONS, at the beginning of this year. Grab and listen to it at it's entirety over on bandcamp. Your in for a treat. Its a combination of lucidly packed rhythm hisses intertwined in a deep compression of space, encompassing a vibe that can readily be repeated. Its a perfect catalyst to escape from reality and dive into a sound wonderland. Check out more of his sounds on soundcloud. Jeremi aka 10th Letter was generous enough to contirbute a mix for this issue of the DECKast. Read what he had to say about the mix  below and get lost for the next thirty minutes..

"This is a mix of original material. Some old, some new, and some unreleased stuff from my hard drive that i wanted to shine some light on"

Tracklist ::
35mm Violence
Winds of Change
Cosmic Coincidence
Return to the Stars
Transhuman Sex Face
Pharaohs Labyrinth
Levitation Raga
Weapon X
Not enough rmx
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