Sunday, March 3, 2013

"COUB" - The GIF Reinvented?

It has been brought to my attention recently after witnessing several phenomenal new video`s from the members of Teamm Jordann, Sean Bowie(Teams) and Jónó Mí Ló(Daytime Television).

      That there is a new quasi-video/GIF/music video/eternal loop/graphic-art display/something weird & kinda new?/etc. site in town. And if you haven`t heard of it already, or stumbled upon it during some late-night drug or alcohol fueled internet marathon, then you gotta check this out! Apparently the site COUB(Created by Anton Gladkoborodov & Mikhail Tabunov) has been around for some time already, but from what I`ve seen is really just beginning to come into it`s full potential. Featuring works that display ethereal artistic beauty, to those perhaps less palatable that carry a more modern take on creative media. With a mass of works ranging inbetween just bizarre, heavenly.. and both!


  COUB enables users to source videos from YouTube and Vimeo as well as uploading original footage on the site itself. Allowing a maximum of 10 seconds of footage mixed with a soundtrack. Using the audio file from either the original video or a new one which will play entirely independent of the videos` looping. Along with giving you the ability to reverse visuals and audio. I`ve found it to be very interesting and open for a world of possibilities when it comes to new creative video/audio media. Even with the limitations of working within the parameters the site establishes. Seeming as though the limitations open up for more unique capabilities in the qualities and style of designing music videos and modern graphic art works. I hope more and more people will join the site in the future and keep it going.. creating more and more, unique displays of modern graphic media.

You can also check out many of Jónó Mí Ló`s(Daytime Television) original videos on Vimeo

BTW, Also guess it goes without saying you can expect to start seeing me upload an experimental 'COUB' for now on from time to time.-later!

Visit COUB here

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