Friday, February 22, 2013

the music of the now age / ∜♡MDISCS 2K13 compilation

     This past Friday and Monday, two really amazing compilations were independently released by labels fortune 500 and AMDISCS. At this point, they have got to be my favorite compilation releases of the year so far. Each with a stretched catalog of artists, mostly catering to a sample heavy sound. fortune 500`s comp titled 'the music of the now age'(17 tracks) features new exclusive material from the likes of 18 Carat Affair, Wasted Nights, Lasership Stereo, Bittertv, TOPAZ GANG, SAINT PEPSI, VHS Logos, luxury elite, 骨架的 and many more.


      Next, AMDISCS new comp(dedicated to all the mothers of the world) is a real gem and features some of my favorite artists at the moment. Finding it kept my attention long after the introductory tracks. I especially enjoyed the remixes done by 1991 of Sand Circles` 'Innercity Haze' and Go Dugong for Giraffage`s 'Computer City'. AMDISCS` '∜♡MDISCS 2K13'(41 tracks) and '∜♡MDISCS 2K13 X part'(30 tracks) carries 71 tracks in all, between both parts. Featuring the talent of C V L T S , Jogging House, Dreams, Lenticular Clouds, AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS, Police Academy 6, Arrete, a i r s p o r t s , luxury elite(again), SAINT PEPSI(again w/ 2 tracks), Shisa, DannielRadall, ROMCOM, Vimana Aircraft, Textbeak, AyGeeTee, Infinity Frequencies, Coolmemoryz, ESPRIT 空想 and many, many more.

      Altogether, containing over four hours of new music(3 hours and 26 minutes from AMDISCS/43 minutes from fortune 500) by some very talented artists from two incredible net-labels. Be sure to check out both!


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