Monday, February 18, 2013

Lone - 'AM Portal'

Lone was kind enough to share a new track this morning on his soundcloud. One that most fans of his who have been around since the beginning would regard as his "Old Style". Can`t say I would disagree with them at all, but there`s much more to it than that. I see it as a longly, anticipated step back to his roots. Beginning as usual with the warming glow of sunny synth notes, intermingling with a steady chord progression 'like drifting through clouds'. Followed by a radiant aura overtaking the melodic orchestration. Flourishing like a rising morning sun, shining rays of light above a just waking valley. Faint sounds of radio static and distortion can be heard, adding a sense of analogous-nostalgia. The kick of drums and shaking cowbells stirs new life into the song, lulling one further into the daydream. As with all of Lone`s classics, we wish they would never end. Unfortunately after 5 min.`s 52 sec.`s, like all the rest of his lush, simple masterpieces, it does.

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