Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Urulu Exclusive i-D Mix

Hey, it's me Dre. I am here for you friends. Feeling more than blessed on this cold-as-fuck Wednesday, as I have the privilege of tagging up one of my favorite music outlets with words on a few of my current faves. YUP. That’s Deck just got that much skankier. I couldn’t think of a better way to pop my proverbial That’s Deck cherry than sharing a mix that’s had my panties in a swampy bunch since it dropped.

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of artist mixes, I mean, isn't everyone? Except, I’m one of those slightly OCD music fans that loves digging in deep and dissecting a mix, taking note of the way songs transition, interludes arise, and of course getting to know each integral (and sometimes not so integral) player that makes up the mix as a whole. But like party favors at a sketchy loft party in downtown LA, not all mixes are created equal. Luckily, in the case of producer, Urulu’s exclusive mix for i-D, it’s one of those rare and magical nights. A night when you discover the gasoline fuel of a white substance you just ingested via dollar bill isn’t gasoline at all, but instead something pure and really amazing, that feeling, that is what Urulu’s exclusive mix is like. Soak it up, ingest it, imbibe, whatever you need to do, get involved with these deep house rarities, funky, dance cuts and up-and-coming internet c-lebs introductory works.

And if you haven’t already, be sure Urulu is on the top of your list of acts to watch in 2013. Pushing seamless, thought-provoking house music to new heights for labels like petFood, MadTech and Exploited, and armed with a massive bag of tricks ready to be dropped on the new year, clearly, this breh is playing for keeps.

1. Lee Webster - l Love My Sister
2. Cecyl - I Feel More
3. Tapesh & Maximiljan - One Night
4. Joe Breslin - Planet X
5. Horx & Shadow Child - Bordertown (Synkro Remix)
6. Sizlak - Lost Control
7. Cassio Kohl - Broken (Forthcoming Amadeus)
8. Kevin Over - Soul X
9. Mercury - Born Happy

Words by @itsadredogg _________________________________________________________________________________ Previously :: Urulu - 'Sweet Talk' (Urulu 'Works For Me' Dub)

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