Tuesday, January 22, 2013

heavy rotation :: Lifafa - Lifafa I

Hailing from New Dehli, India, Suryakant Sawhney aka Lifafa constructs electronic cosmic soundscapes with the usage of those proper bedroom pop instruments. Exceeding expectations on the vocals, guitar, the synth, the sampling, and the drums; Sawhney finely formulates a tip of the iceberg sound that is seeing its peak in 2013. That minimal repetitive deep house and techno that can have you grooving for hours and until the break of dawn. Lifafa's exquisitely exuberant sound draws in glimpses of familiar textural rhythmical patterns from a roster of notable experimental electronic musicians. Traces of Arthur Russell, Boards of Canada, Andy Stott, James Blake, Actress, and The Caretaker; all lurk in Lifafa's gratifying creations. Its some underground bollywood disco tech-house ambiance waiting to infiltrate the sound-waves from your speakers in full force.

Transitioning from future-felt genres track to track, Sawhney builds an essence of ambiguity and utter rarity through sharing his experimentation with music as an outlet for listeners to completely forget about all else and enable the sound notations to control the main brain. While all the drum programming and engineering was done by Suryakant himself, the mixing and mastering was done at Peter Cat Recording Company. The release is pretty damn remarkable and might just be the best thing I've heard in 2013 yet. Download Lifafa's, Lifafa I, at a 'name your price deal' on bandcamp or check the tunes on his soundcloud. Thank you Rahul of Sulk Station for putting me on this one. I highly recommend to listen at its entirety...

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