Friday, January 11, 2013

Corbin Howard Butler - Adaptation II

The trillest 909 native I've known since jr.high has been unquestionably the great Corbin Howard Butler, he part-takes in one of Washington's finest hybrid rap quartet's, $urreal. Producer, lyricist, musician, and quick witted in his nature, Mr. Butler recently installed his sequel mixtape album of, Adaptation. Adaptation II is self-released and mainly produced by Corbin in his efforts to still maintain his solo persona before he began working with the three others that make up the $urreal crew.

This 14-track collection equivocally showcases his ever-growing talent and passion for what he does. With the extremely feel-good instrumental produced by Alive slain on 'Get the picture' to 'Fuck You Mean', produced by Corbin himself, Mr.Butler successfully creates a solid listening journey for a curious listener to the rap and hip-hop sound yearning to hear something completely fresh. Nothing generic or overplayed, all exquisite and unique in its track to track story of adapting to life issues. Download the entire mixtape here or down below on his soundcloud. Also, be sure to check out Corbin's recent remix mixtape, R3MiCKS, which contains reworks of some original classics.

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